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2D Transducers Service

2D probes are the most commonly used probes types today and Probe Lab India can support virtually the entire range.Our lab technicians...


4D Transducer Service

Widely used in Obstetrics and Gynecology applications, 3D/4D probes combine cutting-edge electronics with high-precision ...


TEE Transducer Service

Trans-esophageal (TEE) probes are some of the most expensive and most fragile ultrasound probes in manufacturers’ catalogues....


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Equip Your Probe with Perfect Service Solutions

Efficient and professional services from trained and qualified service specialists


All your ultrasound probe servicing needs can now be met under one roof, with a single click



Best quality testing and performance process before returning

ProbeLab is dedicated to provide you with comprehensive servicing solution for all kinds of ultrasound probes and related problems. We understand that the eye of ultrasound system are the probes, hence we make sure that every probe we receive undergoes complete diagnosis. After every servicing, your equipment will pass quality testing and performance process before returning to you.


More Assistance Less pay

We offer you the most affordable service packages for 3D, 4D and TEE probes. Our price packages are designed to extend exclusive benefits and efficient services catering to your wide clinical needs.


Why ProbeLab

A Comprehensive Solution for All Kinds of Servicing Needs

Probe Serviceat its best

Backed by worlds best Australian technology we provide you with comprehensive servicing solution for all kinds of ultrasound probes and related problems .

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What Our Customers Are Saying


    Dear Sirs Received the probe today evening in excellent working condition & I must thank u for the same. The service which I received was excellent & prompt. I would personally call U & speak to you about the same. Hoping to meet you in person soon .

    Dear Niranjan, Let me start thanking you for inviting me to visit your offices during my recent visit to Calicut. It was indeed a pleasure and a wonderful experience to see the set up and the work that goes on in the India Ultrasound Offices. I was amazed with the Probe Lab where even probes are repaired,if needed. It would not be fair on my part if I do not mention about your dedicated team which I am sure helps you to remain focus in your business activities.I thank all of them for their hospitality during my visit. I was impressed with the processes that is followed to produce a Fully Refurbished Ultrasound System. Clean and Dust free environment is maintained which is essential for the good performance of any electronic product. Well Done,my friend.Keep the good work going. .
  • Avatar Dr SURESH CHANDRA Distt Hospital Agra Uttar Pradesh

    Through you I want convey Our Heartiest Thanks and Regards to M/S India ultrasound India , For Repairing 3.5 Mega Hz Convex Probe of L&T ltrasound machine of Distt Hospital Agra ( UP),Free of cost.The probe was installed in the Machine by your Represntative on Friday(ie 04.02.11) .we are working with this probe since then it is working very well We Once again convey Thanks and Gratitude to M/s India Ultrasound and to you Mr Niranjan